Wednesday, October 7

Geoff Hamilton's Barnsdale

Monday, October 5

An apple a day?

We had the weekend away again and so at the beginning of the week we harvested just what we would use.
Monday's harvest
Our weekend was really Friday and Saturday and so we were able to have a main harvesting session on Sunday.
Sunday's harvest
We started picking raspberries on 1 July and have been picking one variety or another every week since. The autumn varieties are still covered in buds and flowers which, along with the annuals, are being much enjoyed by the bees.
No doubt before long the weather will bring an end to their fruiting.

The first blackberries were picked on 3 August and again we have been picking weekly and the same canes still have fruit ripening.
The savoy cabbages are huge and we picked our first last week. This was a trial variety - Serpentine - sent from Marshalls and has certainly done well for us despite the dry conditions.
The plot greenhouse like the one in the garden has now been cleared of tomato plants but the plants in the ground outside have been left. They still have plenty of green tomatoes that may soon succumb to cold conditions. It will be interesting to see how long they survive.
We picked one or two Conference pears from the tree in the garden.
One of the pear trees on the plot - Invincible has decided to try for a late harvest despite being reluctant to produce fruit at the appropriate time but I don't expect the small pears to reach maturity.
We stripped the apples from our small apple trees, Fiesta is about 1.3 m (4') and Egremont Russet is about 1.5 (5') tall.
Both were loaded with apples even after the June drop. The apples are small as we just can't bring ourselves to thin them out.
Both are really tasty and we can always eat two of them instead of just one.

It's a pity that the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" isn't accurate or we would be well set up.

Friday, October 2

September gardening diarysummary

You may be interested in that I keep a monthly summary of our gardening activities on my website. September's page is now complete and can be accessed here.

We also have a list of all our September harvest here and sowing and planting record here

Wednesday, September 30

Thirsk Falconry Centre - If only they could talk what would they say?

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Monday, September 28

We say tomarto

This week's harvest had been sparser than recent weeks partly as we haven't been to the plot much. We have been busy with non-gardening related activities and also were away for a couple of days. 

(Early warning of some bird photos for Wednesday. We spent one day at a falconry centre where Martyn and I took about 1600 photos and video between us. I promise not to post them all. Back to harvesting).
As you can see the beans are still producing and we are still harvesting some fruit. 
I don't always wait for the blueberries to be fully ripe before picking. As we don't visit the plot every day this isn't practical and the berries ripen as well off the bush. We have four bushes that produce fruit at slightly different times and interestingly the leaves of each bush are turning red in the same order as they fruit.
Last week was the time for calling it a day on the garden greenhouse tomatoes. As Martyn posted in the week all the tomatoes were removed and the plants disposed of.
Hopefully the green tomatoes will continue to ripen and be joined by a few more when the plot greenhouse gets the same treatment. We grew quite a few cherry sized tomatoes this year but we didn't turn our back on the big boys such as this Ananas (Pineapple tomato!) The plant didn't grow as well as the other varieties  but still managed to produce this.

It's our biggest this year but is a lone way off our record breaking monster video here, which was almost twice as big.

We don't have perennials taking space this winter and so we are trying to decide what we can grow in an unheated greenhouse over winter. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 23

Nature's Grand Designs

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