Monday, August 22

Rain - what rain?

Storms are regularly being mentioned in weather forecasts and I read reports of thunderstorms and heavy rain. So far none have headed our way. Still, the most that the weather gods will offer us is light drizzle or, as I have heard it referred to, nuisance rain.

Early in the week, in preparation for the downpour, I decided to lift one lot of onions. The tops had dried and I didn't want to risk the onions being soaked.

Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett


  1. Sue, it was raining today (some raindrops). Your onions are dry and large. I use green onions (the tops), so the bulbs are no good.

    1. There's a wide variety of sizes, Nadezda which in some ways isn't bad thing

  2. Lovely onion harvest! My sister got an entire summer's worth of rain in one day. 15 inches. Not good.

    1. Not good at all tpals. Pity that we can't share it out.


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