Monday, August 8

Better than expected

Well isn't it a difficult year for gardeners and farmers? Any rain that is falling just wets any bare earth as it isn't heavy enough to penetrate any plant top-growth. To deliver moisture to plant roots we have to rely on the watering can.

One crop being prioritised is a couple of rows of peas. Pods have set and I want to give them every chance that I can to swell. I gave the bed at least ten cans of water. This was delivered without the rose directly to the roots.

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Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett


  1. Amazing harvests Sue! And no wonder with all those cans of water you’re putting down - what a workout! I’ve just asked Jamie to add orzo to the shopping list, that looks like a tasty dish and the curry - yum!

  2. Fantastic ! You've done really well !

    1. Sorry Debs, I just found your comment waiting to be moderated.

  3. It certainly has been a workout Belinda. Who needs a gym?


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