Monday, August 15

A topsy turvy week

We had quite a change of routine last week.

Work on the allotment has been confined to watering - lots of watering - and harvesting. A hosepipe ban is planned for the end of the month which could actually benefit us. We water our plants using watering cans as we like to know just how much water we are giving the plants. As I've mentioned before, water pressure on our site is abysmal. If two people are filling a can at the same time it takes ages. If someone is using a hosepipe, the flow of water can reduce to a trickle and in some parts of the site not even a trickle is delivered. Hopefully if use of a hosepipe is banned it should mean filling watering cans will be easier.

We usually go to the allotment in the afternoon but we decided that afternoon temperatures, last week, were just too high to be working outside .

Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett


  1. Be careful what you wish for. There may be too much water this week, if we are to believe the weather forecast!

    1. Still dry here, L. Who believes weather forecasts?


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