Thursday, May 3

Win A Pictorial Field Guide - Fruit Seeds

Here's another chance to win one of Terry Woodger's Pictorial Field Guides - this time about Fruit Seeds.
To give those of you who aren't into identifying photos, I've decided that for a change I will set an anagram competition. So the idea is to rearrange the 20 phrases into the name of a fruit. In this case I am using the term fruit technically so some may be fruits that we actually use as a vegetable and nuts are also included.
Entries must be received by 31 May 2012. Either use the entry form here or email your entry to me. Good Luck

1. A Goner
2. A Motto
3. Art Club Crank
4. Barren Cry
5. Beery Blur
6. Card Turner
7. Cheap
8. Drain Man
9. Eaten Ring
10. Her cry
11. Magenta Rope
12. Metal Owner
13. Nine Caret
14. Obeys Roger
15. Plain Peep
16. Rapture Fig
17. Rip Coat
18. Scent Hut
19. Starry Brew
20. Zeal Hunt

To read my review of The Pictorial Guide to Seeds of the World by Terry Woodget click here


  1. Oh this will be fun!

  2. I'll definitely give this one a go, I'll be back!

    1. There's plenty of time to peruse Jo

  3. I just entered - In the unlikely event that I happen to win could you please give the prize to someone else - its not that I wouldn't enjoy the book its just that I would feel very guilty getting you to post something to Australia. Fun puzzles.

    1. Glad you like them Liz - I'm scratching my head for two more for the rest on the competitions

  4. I'm terrible with anagrams...But I am certainly going to give it a go.....will be back with my answers later!!


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