Tuesday, May 29

Clearing the way.

Do you remember that I was pondering whether I could move an established camellia? It was planted 11 years ago. I know that for certain as friends at work bought it for my birthday (a special birthday!).

The problem was that the camellia dominated the view from the patio windows and also partly blocked the steps which lead up onto the lawn. Note the past tense! So have I moved it? Has Martyn been at it with the loppers as he did the other camellia? The answer is no on both counts but there has been some judicious trimming.

This view was taken from a bedroom window before trimming.
The pine on the opposite side of the steps and the bottom leaves of the palm at the top of the steps were conspiring with the camellia to make it almost impossible to use the steps. Even the dog was avoiding this route although I don't think she liked negotiating the dropped flower petals either.

When I commented in a previous post that I was considering moving the camellia, Tanya at Allotments 4 You suggested that it may be easier moving the steps but as you can see from the photo, this wasn't an option!

In the end compromise was the order of the day. I usually give it a trim once the flowers have fallen as it is at this time that the camellia suddenly puts on a growth spurt. It may be a coincidence but I've also found that pruning at this time means next year's flowers aren't sacrificed.

Here's the before and after:
She's been given a general trim although there are still a couple of bits at the top that need attention. I couldn't reach them so if I dare let Martyn have the loppers maybe he'll reach them for me. Then I decided to give her a slightly shorter skirt. If you imagine sitting at our dining table, the view under the skirt is at eye level and so the bush doesn't act as such a blockage.

The pine was also cut back and the bottom old leaves of the palm were removed. Ideally the palm could do to move slightly to the right but logistically this isn't an option.
The bare area in the middle of the pine is starting to fill up now that I have removed the old solar light that had gradually been swallowed up. Knowing that this would leave a hole stopped me from removing it earlier but in the end it had to go.

The new growth is quite striking:
Now the camellia has put on some new growth it doesn't look as blobby and it hasn't undone all my work too much as I allowed for a bit of growing space. I think from now on this will be an annual job.

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  1. such a beautiful flowers! Very cheery!

  2. Unfortunatle they have now all gone Malar

  3. It looks nice and tidy now. Don't forget to supervise Martyn with the loppers.

    1. I certainly won't forget, Jo. The other camellis is a constant reminder!

  4. Always difficult to have to do radical work on an established shrub. With a nice mulch of something acidic I expect she'll forgive you :}

    1. I think she has already forgiven me BW as she has some nice new shoots. She'll get a feed too later


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