Wednesday, December 15

Soggy, Muddy and Miserable!

Last weekend we actually managed to pay a visit to the plot where everything looked gloomy and soggy. There are more photos taken at the plot in an album here
You can see from the photo below of the winter onions that the soil is really muddy.
Despite the mud we managed to dig up some parnsips ...
some carrots and beetroot  from beneath the straw protection ...
and also took home some red and green cabbage which had survived the snow in spite of losing some of their outer leaves. We really enjoy the red cabbage braised.
The thaw has revealed the sorry state of what were my beautiful cyclamen - I'm really upset to see them reduced to this. Of course we all know who's fault this was!
As ever the pansies are made of sterner stuff:
To make up a little for my disappointment over the tub of cyclamen I treated myself to a pot plant (I told Martyn that I had bought it for him so ssh) - at least I know the snow shouldn't ruin that!
Now bracing ourselves for a return to the freezing conditions that are forecast - at least we now have our heating in!


  1. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited my plot at the weekend. It was muddy and soggy, but I had been expecting it to be worse really after all the snow we'd had. Your veggies are still looking good, and nothing nicer than parsnips which have had a frosting. Batten down the hatches for the next few days, snow expected.

  2. I'm hoping that the forecasters are wrong Jo! By the way cyclamen from Swillington!

  3. oh the sooner spring comes the better - though as Jo says the parsnips are mighty fine this winter :)

  4. Your veg is looking good considering the battering it's taken. Hope the snow is less severe this time, fingers crossed!

  5. You are a model (of good practice) Sue.

    and you've got rid of your last snow before the new lot arrives!

    (Cyclamen are very prissy, anyway)

  6. Good idea to get down there before the next bout of snow comes.
    Looks like your straw protection worked well as your veg looked good to me.
    At least the new cyclamen will get appreciated often .. and can always be planted outside in the spring.

  7. Hi Sue, was the parsnip and carrot sweet? I always wonder whether it is true that the colder this root vegetable are exposed the more sweeter there are what it said in books. Your cabbage so huge!!! I never tried grow big ones before.

  8. Hi Carrie, I love spring when everything is so fresh and green - but I'm a spring baby too so it is my season

    Everything crossed Damo

    I wish I was a model of anything Mal but sadly it isn't to be

    Hi FJ - I don't think the new cyclamen would appreciate being outdoors as it isn't a hardy one - at least the leaves of the hardy one are alive (well they are for now)

    Hi Diana - The carrot were sweet before the cold but the parsnips do tend to change the flavour and vecome a bit sweeter. We once had some potatoes that were frosted and they turned sweet. The starches are changed to sugars by the frost so the science behind it is true.

  9. I think that the cabbage looks great! It's wonderful that it has survived the snow.
    Lovely harvest for this time of year!

  10. Hi vrtlarica Yes glad that the cabbage survived but can't compete with your magnificient polytunnel harvest

  11. Well, at least you got to digg up some nice harvest. I think all your garden will recover very soon, It seems to be resisting the snow very well so far.

  12. You've been busy commenting today Fer. I guess we will have to wait 'til spring it was snowing again a few minutes ago!

  13. Yes, I didn't had a chance to comment much in the past weeks, but I am trying to catch up now.
    I had seen so many posts that I wanted to say something, but didn't had the time. So many blogs to visit yet..

    Hope you have a happy weekend!

  14. I loved the fact that my pansies looked wonderful both frozen and thawed!!! Quite a good haul from the plot considering the weather!!

  15. Could be the last haul Tanya after the freezing conditions last week - we will have to wait and see.


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