Sunday, December 26

Do they know it's Christmas?

It's just another day for them to survive the freezing weather!
These two were tucking in to Christmas lunch in my sister's garden.


  1. They've had meal worms Mal but dead ones!

  2. Saw our robin a few times today, on a snow covered bird table, very Christmassy!

  3. Strangely enough, I have seen some very large groups of robins about, hanging around roadside hedges probably looking for anything they can find for a meal. Keep them bird tables topped up everyone!

  4. Great pictures!
    We have mostly blue tits visiting our feeders.

  5. We had a huge throng of garden visitors. 5 blackbirds, 3 robins, finches, 2 large thrushes (I think) wag tails .. and 3 hen pheasants .. who even went into the chicken pen for a snack (before I'd let my ladies out). They were really beautiful.
    Luckily, the snow has thawed today .. but the pheasants still came back.

  6. Maybe next year's Christmas card Damo?

    I really don't know how the birds survive the temperatures Craig and all we can do is help make finding food easy. Hanging peanut feeders mean they expend far too much precious energu getting at the nuts so we pop out whole nuts or peanut hearts. Crushing the nuts is a good idea too.

    We have lots of blue tits too Vrtlarica

    It is strange FJ how you get flocks of birds that would normally keep well away from one another in these conditions. Maybe the large thrushes were mistle thrushes.

  7. I am so envious of your lovely pictures..I have the birds visiting but unfortunately I don't really appear to heave the photography skills!! :-(

  8. A lot of it is down to the right camera and lots of luck Tanya.


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