Friday, October 8

Sunflowers and sheds - a production for children from age 4 upwards

I received an email yesterday advertising a new play created for children that I thought some of you may be interested in:

"From the M6 theatre company, through a visually delightful set, original music and strong emotional journey, the children can rediscover - that surprises are more enjoyable and disappointments more bearable, when shared with a friend.” It is the story of "an unlikely friendship on the fertile ground of an allotment - a place where the patchwork and diversity of people and plants grow side by side".
Sunflowers and Sheds will tour the UK from 30th October until the 22nd December. For more information click here


  1. It's a shame my kids are too old for things like this now, they grow up too fast.

  2. this sounds kids are a little on the 'old side now...I checked out the venues and if they had been close enough I would have took the kids looks great though....

  3. Always the case with touring companies isn't it - quite a few London venues and then sporadic hits in different parts of the country - none in Yorkshire either!

  4. that sounds great!
    while I don't have kids now, and i probably wont have for a long time yet, I do have a niece and a nephew and I appreciate nice opportunities like this to spend time with them.

    I think getting kids involved with this kind of activities is very important. When I was a kid I always enjoyed going to the theater with my parents.

  5. Better than sitting by a play station all day isn't it?

  6. It sounds like I'm not the only one whose kids are too old for this play - but it sounds great.

  7. They reckon in the blurb that it is for anyone from 4 upwards but that is a wide audience to satisy isn't it?


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