Tuesday, October 19

Can't blame the weather this week!

Only one visit to the plot this week - can’t blame the weather though as it has been fine and dry for most of the week. We have been having lots of work done at home including replacing all our windows so although we didn’t do much gardening we were very grateful for the dry, still and not too cold weather.

We did manage a plot visit to do a bit of weeding and digging up some of the remaining Sarpo Mira potatoes - fortunately not all were housing the 'snakes' mentioned in the last post. As expected some tubers were fairly large.

As usual  harvesting was our first priority. We had some bonus pickings including quite a few apples that we had missed and even a few strawberries to add to the alpine strawberries and autumn fruiting raspberries.
No doubt the frosts will soon descend and put an end to the fruit and flowers so we will have to enjoy them while we can!

We have also picked the medlars from the tree in the garden which are now bletting in a spare room. We really chose the tree more for it's ornamental value - which is why it is in the garden - so any fruit from it is a bonus.
If you are interested I have a page on my website which has lots of information about our medlars and how we used them last year. Click here if you want to read it.

My full - not that there was much to say about last week - diary entry for
last week is here on my website.

We are also adding some notes on which crops have done well this year and which haven't - it's an ongoing list but if you are interested the pages link from here

By the way so far the pansies are nibbleless!


  1. What a harvest! The corn looks tasty! Im imagining all the yummy things i could cook with that bounty! Hurry up summer!

  2. Unfortunately for us Phoebe it is the end of the season but plenty in the freezers and also we will at least have some produce over winter!

  3. I envy you nice fresh sweetcorns. We have to wait for another few months to harvest sweetcorn if all goes well.

  4. I'l be envying you MKG when you are harvesting and we are tucked up for winter.

  5. Hey, not bad for what, gone mid October. You must be pleased GL. I know those alpine strawberries look tiny, but I bet they are tasty!!! I have 3 established plants to transplant to my plot yet. Mmmm...

  6. We grow our alpines from seed so have lots of them. The plants are only really good for a couple of years so we just keep resowing and replacing.

  7. It's definitely a lot colder today, I hope the windows are in so you don't have to suffer it. How lovely to be still getting such a big and varied harvest at this time of year.

  8. well for not being down the plot much that is quite a haul you managed to collect. I can't wait until my trees are established and start giving me some fruit...i also need to think a little more next year so I am harvesting a little longer I think!

  9. The windows were finished last Wednesday Jo thankfully. I has been colder today but nice and sunny. We do have space to grow plenty so that does help withs uccessional sowing and planting

  10. Hi Tanya,
    I guess it is down to sowing things in succession especially with respect to the sweet corn. The potatoes are just late being lifted and we have carrots through winter. With the soft fruit it's a case of luck as to when the frosts destroy everything

  11. Great harvest, should keep you going for a while.

  12. Should do Damo especially added to the freezer loads of stuff we also have stashed away!!

  13. Another great crop!
    I always envy all your harvest. You have a lot things i would love to have, and so many of them.

  14. We are all the same ~fer look in envy at what others are doing or growing!!


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