Thursday, October 7

Do you keep chickens?

We don't keep chickens but I know many of you do so you may be interested in a new website that is currently under construction.

If you keep chickens this site offers a new online community designed for people like you - to share your tips on raising backyard chickens from choosing the poultry house, chicken coop or luxury hen house to choosing the poultry equipment and supplies and more importantly it's a place just to meet others.

As well as providing links to equipment and supplies, key features of this new site are:1. You can create your own free website page
2. Upload up to four images to go with your story
3. You URL will appear
3. You can choose to opt in to receive email notifications when anyone leaves a comment on your page
4. You can bookmark your own web page for family and friends and the world to see!


  1. I don't keep chickens but I've always wanted to, ever since I went collecting eggs from my friend's chickens when I was a child. We've toyed with the idea but I don't think it's the right time to commit at present.

  2. Livestock is a committment isn't it?- You can hardly take your chickens on holiday with you! Also I'd worry about them if I had to leave them on the plot.

  3. I don't keep chickens...I'm always worried I wouldn't have the time to tend to them on the plot....I think if I was going to go for keeping something alive it would be you know anything about bee keeping??

  4. Sorry Tanya don't know a thing about keeping bees - a couple of people on our site have fancied keeping a hive but the council won't allow it.

  5. S'cuse me butting in here re: Tanya's question about bee keeping - have a look at Phil Chandler's site - he keeps bees in a completely different way to that advocated by the British Beekeeping Association. His methods seem far more holistic and definitely the way I will try things in a year or two.

    I have his book (Barefoot Beekeeper) and it's wonderful - no affiliation, etc, he probably doesn't know I exist!

  6. Not butting in BW joining in and thanks for the information


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