Thursday, April 15

Shed time story

This post is specially for Carrie.

We only decided to erect a shed on our plot last year. As is the case on most allotment sites, theft can be a problem with sheds being a prime target for night-time unwelcome visitors. As we don't live within walking distance of our allotment site it hasn't been a problem to use our car as a mobile shed. Leaving tools on site would also have meant that we needed two sets of everything - one set for the garden and one for the plot.

However, as we were spending more time on the allotment we decided to finally buy a shed - not for storage but as a retreat from cold weather and as somewhere to sit and have a coffee break or two! So the shed arrived!

We bought and laid some lino so that the floor was easier to keep clean after trudging in and out with muddy boots and acquired an old kitchen table and four chairs. The chairs seats were recovered using a plasticised material so now we had somewhere to sit.

Hooks and shelves were put up to allow for storage of small items such as plant food etc. A bench was also built to add more seating as we found that the shed was also a focus for entertaining plot neighbours especially when it started to rain!

The bench also provides a useful area for keeping items - such as our cool bag containing provisions - off the floor. It also provides some storage for bulky messy items such as netting. Nothing else is stored in the shed as other items including a small stove would be transported on each visit - although stoves are not very expensive they seem to be popular with thieves who no doubt find them easy items to shift at car-boot sales!

When the weather was not fit for gardening I spent a little time painting a plot number which seems to be standing up to the weather well. Maybe I should do one for the house too!

During the few really hot and sunny days we popped up a gazebo between the shed and greenhouse to give us a shady place to sit and take a break. We have even been known to have breakfast and to have Sunday dinner on the patio outside of the shed.

We haven't quite kept up with our plot neighbours though as they have a weather vane on their shed!

On another note if you are thinking of adding a shed to your plot check out this website before buying as they offer some very cost effective solutions. Click here for more information about choosing a shed.


  1. okay, okay I believe you!!! I was so wrong to doubt you *shame*. You have a retreat shed, and with the gazebo up it really looks like the place to be and be seen. I am offically jealous, though I stand by our new bench - a triumph in a small space.
    Many thanks for the dedication xxx

  2. You're welcome Carrie! I like your bench too!
    When the gazebo was up last year someone asked if we were preparing for a wedding reception!

  3. wow...I think i would call that a summerhouse more than a shed...My shed is crammed with tools and stuff...there is one solitary chair in there for me to change my boots for going home but I I think I would rather sit in a toilet than my!! If I had anything this fancy I don't think I would ever get any work done...I do like the idea of taking a little stove and some teabags though....mmmmm....might invest in this...I do ,miss my cuppas after a few hours on the plot!!

    As for the wedding reception...pretty cool idea...i may have a bbq on the plot for my b'day...if I ever get it sorted in time!!

  4. The stove has been a good investment - It comes in a carrying case and the gas canister fits inside the stove itself. If you look on the third photo it is in the corner next to the carrier bag.

    We have had a couple of BBQs with plot neighbours. We have another two ring stove that we take down for those occasions and the neighbours have the BBQ so we can have freshly picked vegetables and BBQ'd meat

  5. That's not a shed, it's a palace. We do the same as you, take everything with us by car. I debated about having a shed on the allotment as I wouldn't leave tools in it either, and I decided against, I might change my mind now I've seen your's.

  6. It has been worth the investment!

  7. the retreat shed is such a great idea. it looks awesome

  8. I love your shed and the canopy for the warmer months. I have wanting something like this for the past two years. I will have sweet talk my hubbie a little more.

  9. Hi GardenX and keewee - welcome and thanks for leaving a comment.

  10. It looks like something out of homes and gardens. Seriously it looks like the place to hang out. Very retro and very sylish, I'm dead envious :-)

  11. What an utterly splendid set up - but way too clean and tidy, wouldn't stay like that for long around here! S'cuse me if I missed this, but is that long bench hollow? Does the lid lift up and if so, could it be a securely padlocked toolchest.

  12. Amanda Just use old stuff and you get retro without trying! The only other material in the shop had large strawberries all over it (apt I know but horrible) or cartoon cows!

    Bilbo It isn't always so tidy although we do pop down an emprty compost bag when our boots are really muddy. The lid will lift up but it is heavy - made out of scaffolding boards. It could be made in sections though. We only store netting, enviromesh and the odd bucket of fertiliser - nothing worth stealing as if we did it would get stolen. I would worry that the padlock would be a bit of a giveaway that something stealable was inside.


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