Monday, April 12

Feathery Gills.

The tadpoles are now quite active and wriggly but still keeping to the jelly.

If you look clasely at the video and photo you can spot the feathery gills that have developed.

The fish still wait patiently on the sidelines!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. wow they really are coming along and there are still quite a lot of them...I know it's nature but I hate to think that not all of them will become frogs....

  3. I'm not sure Amanda as most of the spawn was killed off by icy weather. The ones remaining are just a tiny portion of what there were as the fish have been making a meal of them and I guess will continue to cull them. Your comment seems to have disappeared too!

    Tanya - if they all became frogs I think we would have a problem in the pond!

  4. I think I deleted you by mistake Amanda sorry!!!

  5. I hope some of them manage to make it to adulthood. I was hoping for some spawn in my pond this year, but there hasn't been any yet, I think it's getting a little late now.

  6. Probably is a bit late Jo. have you had any spawn before as I think frogs are supposed to go back to the pond they were born in if possible.


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