Thursday, April 29

Making plans

Having a plan of what you are planting where is important. Having planned your plot means that you don't end up running out of space because you haven't left room for one of the later plantings.

Martyn looks after our planning and used to draw plans up using a drawing package but when we switched to Vista the software wouldn't run. We had already had to upgrade lots of other software - who didn't when switching to Vista? - so when we found the GrowVeg system the £15 a year subscription seemed well worth the cost. We've used it ever since and have an up to date plan on the noticeboard in our shed so that we know exactly what to plant where.

A bonus is that the system 'remembers' where you planted crops in previous years and warns you if you are planning to plant crops in places that you should avoid.

To see how our plot looked when we first took it on click here

For more information on how we use the system click here 

Online Garden Planning Tool


  1. Ah. I don't plan. I make it up as I go along - and there's always room for a little'un! I always know where I planted things last year but I go with the flow really. Then I blag it!

  2. Wow, a plan in your shed even! I aspire to be that organized about my veggie garden someday. Luckily, it's so small that planning only takes one smallish paper scrap to draw things out;)

    Christine in Alaska

  3. OMG - how organised are you - I am ashamed of how non organised and "theres a space, lob it in" I am!! Note for self: must get more organised!

  4. Ummm... I was asked to critique the very planning website you use by the inventor. I didn't like it, sorry. It sounds great but my hubby is a fabulous planner (he is an archeologist) and can draw better and more detailed pieces. We always have a plan but it's much easier to change it if we need to at the lottie with a swipe of the eraser.
    I guess what I'm saying is my hubby is better than a machine ;)

  5. it's funny as I have never had a plan and was thinking today as I planted that maybe I should plan in advance so as not to plant somewhere when I shouldn't with a certain veg....still learning about this crop rotation thing so thanks for the tip, I will be taking a look at this.

    As for what Carrie said I guess it's just each to their own...what you are happy with and suits you is just fine so I think it's good if you find something that you think might help other people to share it...after all Carrie's Hubby isn't available to the rest of us!!

  6. I'm not nearly that organized! I try to remember where I put stuff last year and make sure I rotate. My plan this year was literally on the back of an envelope!

  7. Wow, that's a lot of allotment! How many plots is that? You're very lucky to have so much space - must keep you busy!

    I plan in detail (though I don't always remember to stick to it) but I trialled a few years back and didn't really get on with it. Glad it works for you though!

  8. Hubby usually plans mine out on his work's laptop which has design software on it. I've heard of the Grow Veg site before though, it sounds good and if I'm not mistaken, you get a months trial for free, which is good for anyone who wants to try before they buy. Your plans look fab.

  9. Carrie & Nome - when the 'software' was first created it had lots of bits where it was a case of I wish it would ... but beng online it was updated and had recently undergone a complete upgrade which is why I mention it now.

    VH - we always thought we knew where things had gone until we had gone through a winter and then it was a case of were peas there last year or was it the bed next to it or was it the year before.

    Matron - we're really good at losing bits of paper.

    Jo - yes it has a 30 day free trial and Martyn did just the same with a drawing package before we changed to Vista but drawing packages are expensive.

    C&AP and Christine - we're not as organised in lots of other things

    Tanya - you are absolutely right whatever works for you is the best way - this works for us. Martyn is a civil engineer who is used to drawing up plans but he prefers this way - it's quicker and more fun!

    Nome - our area is about a third of an acre I guess. Must admit we didn't feel as lucky when we were clearing brambles at head height. We took our plots when they were derelict and no-one really wanted allotments. I've popped a link on the post to show how we had to clear the plot. Quite a few on our site have multiple plots - it was a case of if we hadn't have done that the site would have been closed by now!


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