Tuesday, November 17

Preparing for winter

In anticipation of keen frosts we cut down the remaining dahlias. We haven’t yet had a frost keen enough to kill the dahlia foliage. Testament to this are the two dahlias growing and still flowering on our weed heap. Click here for our weather details.

This year instead of leaving all the dahlias planted in the ground, most have been dug and placed in a heap. The tubers have been covered with straw to hopefully keep the frost out. A large sheet of black polythene covers the whole thing. This not only keeps out the rain but helps increase the temperature underneath. Click here for more.

Beetroot have also been dug and placed in between the rows of carrots which will be left in the ground until required. Like the dahlia tubers, these have been covered with straw. The environmesh that has protected the carrots from carrot fly has been left in place. We have stored carrots in this way for a few years now and it seems to work really well, however it is a first for the beetroot. Click here for more information.

Click here for the November diary update.


  1. An interesting take on the carrot storing..i grew beetroot this year but not nearly enough and plan to grow LOTS more next year so I will be interested to see if your storage method works.

    What do you grow the dahlias for??

  2. Carrots have been stored this way successfully for several years now but I will report back on the beetroot.

    Dahlias provide cut flowers for the house as are the chrysanthemums that are flowering in the greenhouse at the moment.

    We grow lots of other flowers on the plot too both for cut flowers and to provide biodiversity to encourage beneficail insects and birds - natures best pest controllers.


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