Monday, November 2

Good Gourd!

Just one visit to the plot this week and really more of the same, the mantra at the moment is clear, weed, tidy and burn with little watering in the greenhouse, where the garlic is growing quickly and chrysanthemums producing lots of flower, thrown in for good measure.

We still haven’t had a frost to either sweeten the parsnips or knock back the dahlias so this week half of the dahlias have been cut down and removed along with the ornamental gourds that were growing amongst them. The gourds have been very prolific with some looking exactly like an edible squash variety but we won’t be risking eating any. Dahlia tops have been piled on the compost heap but the question now is what to do with several dozen ornamental gourds?

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  1. These squashes are very pretty, but I cant define their size... They are usualy very small, are these also small ones or larger?

  2. The largest round ones are about the size of a cantaloupe melon. The smallest about the size on a large pear.

  3. why did you grow ornamental gourd if you can't eat it?????

  4. Hi a4u
    We don't only grow things to eat on our plot - we grow lots of flowers for cutting too and also to make the plot look more attractive. After all we spend quite a lot of time there.
    The real reason that we grew the gourds though was that a friend gave us the packet of seed. Call it childlike curiosity if you like!

    November 05, 2009


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