Monday, November 9

Fungi Expert Needed

I've always found fungi interesting even though I have never really known much about them. I basically understand the lifecycle but have no expertise whatsoever in identification.

Today after a week away from the plot we spent the afternoon there and I now have a puzzle to solve which is where the fungi expert would come in.

I took a photo of some fungi growing in the grass - it's just the sort of thing I tend to do. About a couple of hours later I noticed that the 'umbrellas' had changed colour and had a bluish tinge. Maybe a sign that if you eat one in a couple of hours your will be very ill or worse.

Can anyone solve the mystery for me and identify the chameleon fungi pictured below. The before is at the top and the after is underneath!

If by some good luck I actually manage to attract a fungi expert then to make best use of such good fortune I have posted some photos below of other fungi spotted on the plot.

Of the photos below - the top one actually looked a little like a shitake before it contorted into the shape shown. It was growing on an old slice of tree trunk.

The one above was growing at the base of the slice of tree trunk and the one below was also on a dead bit of tree trunk.

The one above almost looks like a mushroom.

The one below is cheating a little as I photographed it a few years ago at Harewood but have always thought it was particularly beautiful. It was another one making use of an old piece of dead tree trunk.

Click on any of the images to view a larger version.


  1. I think fungi is great and I love to eat least the edible ones, however I am no expert and never dare to pick any in case they will make me ill. I think it's exciting that you have so many different varieties grow on your plot...I've never seen any at our allotments...i will keep looking to see if anyone can identify them and I may try and look some up myself too!!

  2. I've just tried browsing some really lovely fungi photos from this site but I am still no wiser - too many varieties look so similar.

    Information I found from another source implies some fungi turn blue when damaged so that won't help identify them. Maybe I trod on them or kicked them as I was going about my business.


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