Monday, September 21

Return to winning ways

Our plot neighbours, Pat and Joe, have had a really successful year in more ways than one.

They have just heard that not only have they won 1st prize in the Ossett/Horbury area senior citizen category but have also won the overall gardener of the year in the Wakefield district allotment garden competition.

Pat and Joe have won the senior competition each year since they took on their plot almost three years ago but this is the first year that they have gone on to greater things.

Well done to them! To view some photos of their plot click here.

It's not the first time that we have had such greenfingered neighbours as Jan and his dad were Wakefield allotments top gardeners for several years until they stopped competing after his win in 1996. Click here


  1. wow...I only hope my plot can look this good one day.

  2. They almost had it cleared and sorted within a couple of weeks of taking it on and it hadn't been gardened for years prior to that!


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