Wednesday, September 9

It's September! How did that happen so quickly?

September has continued the theme of strong winds and rain. Yet another cardoon has been battered to the ground. Work on the plot has been frequently interrupted by sudden heavy rain but despite that we have managed to spend some time on the plot.

A couple of young hedgehogs were spotted browsing under the bird feeders. I just hope these will grow to a size that will survive hibernation.

To read the first entry of the September diary and view a film of cute baby hedgehogs click here.


  1. I hope your hedgehogs survive too. I have seen some roaming near my house and would love for them to find their my to my allotment!!

  2. I'll be keeping an eye on them just in case.I know there is a minimum weight that they need to be. If I don't think they are making it I'll whip them off to the rescue centre - if I keep seeing them that is! There was only one about the other day which is a worry.
    Heard them squeaking the other night as I lay in bed.

  3. Those are excellent photos. They have inspired me. I have redeveloped my garden and created a veg area that I so looking forward to using. Will be back for handy hints. Cheers.

  4. Hi Carroll,
    Hope that your veg plot is a great success


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