Wednesday, September 23

Caterpillar invasion?

The caterpillar below was spotted on Pat and Joe's allotment and caused quite a stir as Pat held it at bay with a piece of bamboo whilst calling for help! This didn't help as the caterpillar just made itself look fiercer by rearing up in a defensive posture. It is the caterpillar of the Elephant Hawkmoth.

The caterpillar below was much less fierce. The nearest that I can get to identification is the giant cucumber moth. (Please read more information under the photograph).

For more strange fruit and vegetables (one in particular is X-rated) click here. If you have any photos of strange fruit of vegetables why not send them to add to our collection with a bit of information about where it was grown.


  1. wow the giant cucumber moth looks just like a cucumber

  2. It seems the giant cucumber moth caterpillar photograph was more realistic than I imagined (but then I knew what it was. A few people have been fooled by it and asked about it.

    The photo is of an actual cucumber that we grew this year.


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