Sunday, April 1

Oh dear! What can the matter be?


Our treasurer goes to extreme lengths to avoid having to sign a cheque.

By the way check the Meet the Plotters page on the web as I have caught some more of my quarry!


  1. poor old phil

  2. peter. i thought you was gorden.

  3. Trying not to laughApril 01, 2007

    Looks like he's caught that bad shoulder from his neighbour!

  4. Are all you`r plot holders that good looking, if so can you put me on the waiting list!!!!

  5. I thought somebody would have got me some grapes or even a card.

  6. Laughing loudlyApril 02, 2007

    From the way you are standing looks like you already have some grapes

  7. You've got an allotment so grow your own grapes!


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