Monday, April 30

Competitions 2007

Alastair is organising our competitions for this year and has drafted out a list of suggestions for 'events'.
Please offer any suggestions for more categories if you have any good ideas

Alastair will post a notice on the site noticeboard.
Please add your name and plot number under the competition if you want to take part. (Each entry £1). Closing date May 31st.
Largest Pumpkin
Largest Onion
Longest Parsnip
Tallest Open Sunflower
Best Allotment Wine
Best Allotment Pickle/Chutney
Best Scarecrow (for the kids)
Hottest Chilli
Any other suggestions ?


  1. What about best grasshead?

  2. AnonymousMay 17, 2007

    How about :
    heaviest tomato
    heaviest carrot
    biggest chicken egg
    longest bean
    heaviest potato



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