Monday, April 9

Can Collection

pussy willow yoghurtOur latest fund raising venture is now underway and we are also doing our bit to help the environment by collecting aluminium cans for recycling. Can you check please before placing a can in the collection cage that it is not made of steel, as if steel cans are mixed in with the aluminium ones this will reduce our income. The material should be stated somewhere on the can. If youpussy willow yoghurt happen to have a magnet on your person, you could use it to test the can! If the can 'sticks' to the magnet then it isn't aluminium and shouldn't be placed in the cage.

Thanks to Simon for organising this and also to Charlie for providing the cage and helping the one-armed man to set it up in position. Try and encourage as many people as you can to collect cans for us.

1 comment:

  1. no carlings, darlings, they are made of steel.


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