Sunday, February 11

It will soon be time to start a new season! So how will you go about sowing your seeds?

Mixture of seeds

March will soon be here and that means it's time to start sowing and planting on the allotment. Are you going to put expensive seeds straight into the ground and hope for the best? That's what we did when we first started. We soon learned that in our heavy clay soil we had far more failures than successes. Click here to read more.

The Thompson and Morgan web site has some very useful guides click here. Then click on any of the links. At the top of the new page click on Tips and Guides and use the search facility to view the guide of your choice. Remember that any orders placed when visiting T&M using one of our links earns us commission for our fence fund. Thanks very much to those of you who have already donated to us in this way but we still need one or two more orders before any actual cash will come our way.

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