Sunday, February 18

Fancy the idea of home grown fruit in summer?

If the answer to this question is yes - well now is a good time to be preparing.
Along with the fruit that we have grown in previous years, this year we are planting some new strawberry plants which have been over wintering in our greenhouse.
Click here to read more. Also planted in the greenhouse in pots, waiting for the milder weather, is a cherry tree and two gooseberries which we intend to train along a fence with a couple of kiwis that were planted last year. Who knows we may be lucky and actually get some kiwi fruits one day! Gardeners are optimistic by nature aren't they? The gooseberries are Pax a red variety. It's supposed to be mildew resistant and according to one source loses its thorns as it matures. If it does that will be a real bonus as anyone who has ever picked gooseberries will appreciate! We have also bought a medlar - not sure what the fruits taste like but apparently the tree has beautiful autumn colouring so it may stay in the garden!

Being fruitaholics, we can never grow enough fruit and already grow red, white and blackcurrants, blackberries, raspberries, (red and yellow varieties) loganberries (well we think it is a loganberry), plums, greengages (although we haven't had any fruit off these yet!), apples, pears, blueberries and alpine strawberries. We also have a very prolific grape vine in the greenhouse in our garden. Has anyone tried any of the more unusal fruits?

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