Friday, April 2

We feature in KG magazine

Just got back from our holiday in the New Forest and as usual the mail was piled up. It included the latest copies of two of the garden magazines that we subscribe to.

One "Kitchen Garden" has an article each month about garden related websites and this month it has included my website!

I've already had messages from people who have read it and visited as a result. I know not all visitors may end up here but it would be interesting to know of any that do!


  1. Brilliant - I look forward ot reading it.

  2. That's great, photos look good.

  3. Hi Sue. What a wonderful treat to have your website in the catalog. How great is that.

  4. hey congrats on the will be good publicity for your site so I hope you get lots of feedback from it!!

  5. Congratulations. It will be good for you to get some national coverage.

  6. Thanks all!

    I have to admit it wasn't a complete surprise as the writer emailed me asking for original photos to use as the ones on the website were not high enough definition but that was a couple of months ago and I guessed as it hadn't appeared it was shelved as something better had been found.

    It's flattering to get a mention even if some of the bits are a little inaccurate but they always are aren't they?


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