Thursday, March 25

A gift from above!

We are not the only ones who plant things in our garden. From time to time the birds leave a small gift by way of a thank you for the food and water with which we provide them.

A few years ago I noticed one such plant which I didn't recognise and so decided to leave be for a while. Patience had its reward. We now have a small but healthy daphne which is at the moment full of lovely scented flowers.

Unfortunately the position chosen by our benefactor isn't ideal so I was planning on moving it but have since found out that daphnes don't like to have their roots disturbed so it looks as though it will have to stay put.


  1. That looks really pretty. Don't forget to enter my competition for the seed box giveaway, it finishes next Wed :-)

  2. What a beautiful flower...and the pic of the blue tit is fantastic...I never mange to get good photos of the birds in my garden.. :-(

  3. Hi 8x6 I've not really taken any seed sowing photos this year as we haven't sown any seeds yet!!

    Tanya - the only way we have any chance of snapping a bird is to have the camera set to rapid fire and even then we often end up witha photo of the bird - gone. Frogs are much easier.

  4. How lovely to have such vibrant colour at the time of year!

  5. What a pretty and wonderful surprise.Those are some very good birds. LOL!

  6. I love the picture of the blue tit. We had a pair of goldfinches in the garden last week, the first time I've seen them.

  7. A lovely plant. And the blue tit photo is a delight.

  8. Just got back from holiday so apologies for no responses to the latest messages.
    Jome - It would be even better if it was in a better position -it also has a lovely perfume.
    HHG - I guess the planter was something like a blackbird - the plant is growing directly under an arch that the birds love to sunbathe on - well that is when there is any sun!
    Jo - I love goldfinches - we get then occassionally mostly at nesting time - last year we had young ones too that hadn't developed all the goldfinch colouring
    HM It alwsys a bit of luck to catch the birds on camera. Often they have just flown away!


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