Wednesday, March 24

Frogs a-wooing

There was a increase in activity in the garden pond yesterday - the frogs are back!

We counted eight of them at one time all jostling one another for position on top of an available female.

The fish were very interested in all the activity - no doubt fancying a frog spawn supplement to their diet.

The frogs have laid quite a large pile of spawn but no doubt not all of it will survive to tadpole stage. Not only will the eggs have to escape the attentions of the fish but it is still likely that we could have some frosty temperatures.

The frogs soon disappear if we get too close so some photos were taken from the bedroom window.

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Just popped out to see how the frogs were doing. There was a lots of frogspawn.

After I had taken photo above I looked around and everywhere were frogs heads popped out of the water watching me.

Even though I got really close they just stared back - very different from the activity yesterday!

More frog photos - they have just become so tame that I can't resist them!

What lovely legs!

I had a nice chat to this large male. Not sure what we said - we just croaked to one another!

But these three clearly still had other things on their minds!

Promise no more for a while!


  1. oohhh, i feel dirty, watching frog porn!! ahahaha. How fab that you have so many! xxx

  2. I hope no-one bans my blog!

  3. Chrissie BarrowMarch 24, 2010

    Great photos, Sue, enjoyed reading and looking at pics.

  4. That's amazing. So many froggies there, I hope the fish don't get it all.

  5. Ah yes! frog porn! They are all getting down to it now the sun has come out.

  6. Wow! eight males to one female....if only!

  7. I love frogs and these are such fantastic pictures,,,thanks for sharing,,,hope to see some later on as the spawn develops.

  8. Chris - glad you liked the photos. Loved your on Facebook too.

    Jo - I hope so too surely one or two will get through weather permitting after all some must for frogs to keep coming back

    Matron - I think there are six males to two females but the odds are still quite good aren't they?

    Tanya - We'll definitely try to get some more photos but once the tadpoles free themselves from the jelly they are difficult to spot - unless you are a fish I suppose.


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