Tuesday, April 20

There seems to be good news and bad news.

The good news is that the cherry tree we planted a couple of years ago has lots of blossom.

It's rather strange though - it hasn't really grown any branches and the blossom is growing alll the way up the trunk and along the three stumpy branches growing out of the top of the trunk - I don't really care as long as the blossom develops into fruit and it will be easier to net this way - but still strange!

The bad news is that it doesn't look as though we are going to have many plums or gages this year as the trees seem distinctly lacking in blossom. They were loaded last year. It does seem that our plums crop well every other year - they maybe need a rest and to gather their strength for a bumper harvest again next year.

We managed to sow carrots, peas and salad leaves this weekend. As usual we are growing under enviromesh to protect from carrot fly. May not be pretty but is pretty effective and that's what counts!

To read my complete diary entry for this week and browse the photo album click on the links.

Our method of sowing carrots is the same as used for parsnips described here


  1. I've just done a post about my cherry tree too. My tree is very similar, it has three branches, but it has grown some more branches towards the top of the three branches. I'm hoping for a better crop than I got last year. I didn't have much luck getting my carrots to germinate last year. I'll give it another go this year though.

  2. Ours looks to be sprouting branches from the top of the stumpy bits.

    Have you read about how we grow parsnips on my website as we sow carrots in exactly the same way?

    We sow the seeds in a bagged compost trench and keep well watered but that said we have only just sown ours so they haven't germinated yet. We have grown them like this for a few years though successfully.

    I've added a link at the bottom of the post to the parsnip web page that I'm talking about. Just substitute carrot seeds.

  3. Thanks for the link. Yes, I had a go at sowing them this way last year after they didn't germinate in the ground, and I still had trouble. I'm going to give it another go this year.

  4. Jo - the compost needs to be watered regularly if it dries out newly emerging seedlings can die - also it is possible that slugs pop along the row and munch the seedlings as they grow. Good Luck

  5. Ah everyone talking about their cherry blossoms I have to get down to the lottie and see how ours are doing - yours look fab I love that pic. Glad you have the carrots and salad in we planted ours last week or the week before and we have leaves - yippeee. We've already had a baby leaf salad ;)

  6. Good news - visited the plot this afternoon and the cherry blossom is still Ok despite the frost warning.

    We also may have more plums and gages than I thought although not a bumper harvest.

    Carrie - lucky you harvesting baby salad leaves but we did have out first helping of PSB today!

  7. My Mums cherry blossom is just starting to come out too...Her tree is getting on for forty year old now and is beautiful but we have only ever had juicy cherries once....the plum tree still isn't blossoming but we can see the buds forming so we are keeping our fingers crossed!!

  8. Tanya - I hope this is a fruitful year for your mum's cherry tree!


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