Saturday, February 20

Oh no ... not more tomato seeds!

Just why do ALL the garden magazines that we subscribe to give away free packets of tomato seeds? Our March issue of Gardeners' World magazine popped through the letterbox yesterday and there it was - ANOTHER packet of tomato seeds - a different variety to tempt us - this time Minibel. It's not that I am not grateful but can't they be a little more imaginative and give away something different? At this rate we will have to open a tomato farm as we had already bought all the varieties that we wanted to grow but how do we resist planting the free seeds too? They were also giving away a packet of sweet peas but we have already bought a couple of packets of those too!

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All the magazine also have active forums and websites.


  1. I got these in the post this morning from a friend. I'll offer mine as a seed swap.

  2. just so tempting to sow some though isn't it?

  3. I think I will keep the sweet peas and give away the tomato seeds. But saying that the are ideal for pots so they might be nice. I've just checked my seed stash and I have Matina, Gartenperle and Sungold F1. Do you grow Brussel sprouts? I have a spare packet I can send to you as I don't grow them.

  4. I know what you mean I've got loads of them and to be honest any that I plant outside of the greenhouse start to get blight and end up as green tomato chutney. I have a cupboard full of the stuff. That said when it warms up a bit I'll still end up sowing loads of toms!

  5. I'm not a magazine subscriber so I don't have to moan about the free seeds that they send....maybe you could stop subscribing??? Or possibly do giveaways on the blog??? Just a thought...hope they grow well if you decide to plant them!

  6. Hi
    eight by six
    We do grow well try to grow Brussles sprouts but we have bought all our seeds now. Thanks very much for the offer though.

    As for tomatoes we bought:
    Moneymaker, Tumbling Tom Red, Brandywine, Amish Paste, Amish Gold, Yellow Perfection, All Blacks,
    The free packets are:
    Costoluto Fiorentino,Red Cherry, Roma VF, Garden Pearl, Minibel

    We have a problem with blight outside at the allotment but are hoping to manage growing the tumbling ones outside at home in the garden. WE have a large greenhouse in the garden and a smaller one on the plot and so have space for varieties - it will just mean growing less of each I suppose. Some will also be popped in tubs in my sister's garden.

    We raosted tomatoes and then freeze as a base for sauces and soups etc.

    Tanya If we stop subscribing we'd still get the free seeds when we bought the magazine from the shop and could miss some. Not really enough seeds to give away though

  7. I buy this magazine here in Canada and love it...however, they take the seed packets out and none of ours have the free seeds much to my lament. I really don't see why they deny us the freebie but I am sure there is some custom reason. What about saving up all the free packets and giving to a charity or community garden enterprise. I have been asked to donate once before, even if the seeds are expired. Otherwise, you can pop them in the mail to me (cheeky!!!;-))))) We grew costoluto this year but Genovese not Fiornetino. Very good tomato, nice and rich and sweet. Grood growing Sue!

    1. I guess it's something to do with exporting seeds, Bren but it is a shame. Our problem is once we see the seeds we have to grow them!!!


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