Sunday, February 14

The weather tempted us out!

We were tempted out this week for maybe the first afternoon of the year of proper gardening on the plot. In the sunshine it was quite pleasant, although this condition was maybe only achieved by wearing several layers of clothing.

Once the sun had drifted lower in the sky it become very chilly again. Fortunately the plants seem to be made of hardier stuff than we are so are surviving the conditions and keeping us supplied with winter vegetables.

The days of harvesting fresh carrots and parsnips could soon, however be numbered - they are beginning to sprout new tops and so will soon need harvesting and storing or converting into soups for the freezer.

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  1. I can't believe you still have carrots...I really need to think about growing more of them so they last longer!!

  2. How nice to still be pulling up carrots. Sadly mine have nearly run out now but the spinach is doing well.

  3. It is nice the straw covering seems to work well as the temperatures this year have certainly tested it!

  4. Well done with the carrots, to have anything surviving the recent cold snap is a triumph!

  5. Damo - I think that includes us too!


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