Monday, February 22

February's web diary update

As we choose to have the day out on the only really decent day this week so any chance of doing any work on the plot was forfeited. But the soil conditions would have still meant that there was little that could have been done.

It's been interesting looking back on last year's February diary entry to see how different things are this year. Below shows how different a small patch of our garden is looking this year. The weather has definitely had an effect.

2009 - 2010

We won't be sowing any seeds until March - which is when we usually start. We will then have quite a lot to do. A full list of the varieties of seeds that we will be growing this year is listed here.

To view the February diary update click here.


  1. Hi Sue, thank you very much for visiting my blog. I was looking at another blog which had posted comparisons of their garden at this time last year with what is showing this year and the difference really is remarkable. In my garden I thought my Snowdrops had expired but then they suddenly appeared last week, much later than usual.

    I was sorry to read of the theft of the taps, how mean some people are, I do hope the council replace them before too long and that none of the livestock suffer.

  2. I look at the snowdrops each day and will them to open - hellebores too.

    On my website I have diary entries going back to 2007 and I often read previous years to see how things are different.

    This is Feb 2008

    The problem re livestock will be keeping the birds clean.


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