Monday, June 10

Jumpers in June

When we made the flippant comment, "That was probably our summer", after the one summery week in May, we were hoping that it wouldn't turn out to be prophetic. According to weather 'experts' May was the hottest on record. Really? That certainly wasn't our experience. Plants didn't think much of the dull weather either. As for June, so far there hasn't been much improvement. Any sunshine that we have had, has been negated by the cold winds.  It's not tee-shirt weather. We are still in jumpers and fleeces. Plants are growing slowly and being battered by the winds. The phrase 'grass frost' is making our ears prick up. So far that hasn't affected us - whew!

At least the roses seem to acknowledge the fact that it is summer.

Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett

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