Monday, June 24

Dastardly wood pigeons

We had a taste of summer this week. Jumpers were cast in favour of tee shirts. However, in order not to tempt fate whenever we went out we had a supply of clothing ready for whatever weather we were likely to encounter.

Plants have responded to the improved temperatures and put in a welcome growth spurt.

Last week, I stated that I hoped that, as the first lot of peas had grown taller and were staked, the wood pigeons would leave them alone. I hoped in vain, the wood pigeons persisted in eating the leaves. As a result, we have had to drape netting back over them. A plot neighbour told us that he even caught pigeons stripping the flowers off his peas. We're not sure where we go from here as the peas will end up tangling with the netting. The only option seems to be to build some sort of cage.

Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett

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