Monday, May 29

Busy watering again

It was a lovely week last week. No rain and temperatures that meant sweaters were discarded and shade was sought.

The downside  - of course there always is a downide - was that we had to spend much of our time hauling watering cans around the plot. According to an app on my phone, on Sunday  I walked 2.7 km, (just over one and a half miles), whilst at the allotment and most of that was spent watering.

We put off most of our planting as we thought it was easier to look after the plants at home  but we needed to plant out our second batch of sweet corn. At least the soil wasn't too dry to make digging a hole difficult and to give the plants the best chance of settling in, I filled the planting holes with water before planting. Th plants were also given a good water after planting and so far they have survived.

Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett

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  1. Oh my goodness me lovely Strawberries ! Mine are still green at the moment .


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