Monday, January 3

When you can’t garden

We weren’t really tempted into the garden or onto the allotment last week.  When the weather was reasonable the condition of the ground wasn’t really conducive to any gardening activity.

We decided to have a couple of afternoons at Nostell which pleased Ruby as it’s one of her favourite places and the entrance staff now recognise her. I’m not sure that they would remember us if she wasn’t with us.

We weren’t the only ones to decide to visit as Nostell was the busiest that we have seen it. Until we left the popular areas we had to keep our wits about us in order not to come into conflict with riders of bikes and scooters which have the habit of approaching silently from behind us.

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You will notice that some changes have taken place with respect to our blogs which I will explain in a later post

Copyright: Original post from Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments author S Garrett


  1. No real gardening going on at my plot, but I do love a potter around to see signs of life popping up. Broad beans and garlic are up and the rhubarb is waking. It's very muddy on our dog walks, our old girl plods along now so she doesn't get too mucky. Karen

    1. Our garlic is planted out, Karen and started growing at the end of autumn along with the ovewintering onions but we don't sow broad beans until later. As for Ruby she iis here there and everywhere at a dash

  2. Lovely photos on your weather blog. It's great to be able to get out at this time of the

    1. It is Dina but at the moment we are tucked up indoors.


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