Monday, November 18

A plotless week

We didn't visit the allotment at all last week. As we can only do damage trying to work in soggy conditions, our main reason for visiting the plot is to harvest some vegetables. Last week we had plenty of fresh vegetables to get us through the week and so didn't need a harvesting visit.

The weather continues along the theme of cold and wet days with some occasional breaks, when rain and drizzle takes a rest to recharge the clouds and start again.

We were fed up of being stuck inside, so we decided to brave the weather and have an afternoon at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

As we headed there the weather didn't look very promising, but we thought that at least we could have lunch in the restaurant if it proved too wet to walk around.
There has been quite a bit of flooding in the park with the worst affected area being the tiger enclosures. The platform on the left is the walkway that divides the enclosures from a natural wetland area.
The water level  in the wetland area had risen considerably spilling over into the enclosures. In the photo below the bridge that can be seen on the right will eventually link the existing park to a new area which will just about double the overall size.
The tigers would be quite happy in the water but the electric fencing wouldn't and so the tigers were temporarily moved to a smaller enclosure which is set aside as a nursery for when the big cats have cubs.
Some of the animals, like this okapi braved the conditions.

The lions were also out although, Maria seemed as fed up of the rain as we were.
Others had disappeared indoors whilst some like this family of baboons took shelter just as we were doing. We had a large umbrella whereas they made other arrangements. Can you spot the tiny baby between mum and youngster?
The meerkats watched from indoors thinking that we were crazy to be out in the rain.
 One seemed to wave goodbye as we headed for the exit
With lots of the enclosures devoid of animals it wasn't a good day for the visiting schools but we had a walk and a tasty lunch so we were happy if a bit soggy.
The rain held off on Sunday so we managed a bit of steam engine filming  but other than that it was a week indoors.
Let's hope the weather is set fine this week - well we can hope can't we?


  1. Goodness, that does look wet!!! Loved all the animals though and glad you managed to get out. Fingers crossed the weather improves for

    1. It’s sunny today but really really cold, Dina

  2. With no end in sight either. I wonder how frosty you are this morning and if it's turning into a skating rink? No frost here this morning, just damp and windy again.

    1. It was very frosty this morning Deborah -3.2 C

  3. Good luck with the weather. I can see why you are drawn to this place. All of the animals are so interesting. The okapi is an animal I have never seen before. Nice train photos.

    1. We have an annual pass for the Wildlife Park Lisa so we can just pop across for a couple of hours when we feel like it. We get some exercise and lunch out even if we don't see much of the animals. They have a breeding pair of okapi. I should post a full animal photo.

  4. That looks a most interesting place to visit Sue. I think that I would be one of those animals seeking shelter indoors.


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