Saturday, June 2

Win A Pictorial Field Guide - Garden Flower Seeds

Three visitors have already each won a copy of one of Terry Woodger's Pictorial Field Guides. Here's a fourth chance to be a winner this time the guide focuses on garden flower seeds. Most of the content of the field guides is similar but each has a section devoted to a particular group of seeds - this time garden flower seeds.

In keeping with the garden flower theme, the album featured below has photos of flowers all taken at some time in our garden or on our allotment plot.

All you have to do is to identify as many of the twenty flowers as you can. You don't need to know the name of the variety or the botanical name just the name by which each plant is commonly known for example dahlia, snapdragon etc.

In the event that no-one manages to correctly identify all the flowers the winner will be the one who manages to correct;ly identify the largest number. If more than one person identifies the same number of flowers then as usual the name of the winner will be drawn from the virtual hat! So you may be a winner even if you don't recognise all twenty flowers.

Entries must be received by 30 June 2012. Either use the entry form here or email your entry to me. Good Luck


  1. would love to participate.

  2. You'l bee most welcome to Gidiboy

  3. This one is really hard Sue...I love flowers...but I'm not great at naming them...I wonder will there be a prize for the most wrong answers??? If so then I'm definitely in with a course I will be trying though!!

    1. You want a booby prize Tanya! You may surprise yourself.

  4. Love flowers too but I'm not good in naming them! Let's see if I could! hahahhaa...


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