Friday, June 1

Another winner

The fruit anagram competition is now closed and as you might expect all the entries correctly unscrambled all the anagrams - it was the sort of competition where you know when you have the right answer!

For anyone who was struggling with any, the answers were as follows:
  1. orange
  2. tomato
  3. blackcurrant
  4. cranberry
  5. blueberry
  6. redcurrant
  7. peach
  8. mandarin
  9. tangerine
  10. cherry
  11. pomegranate
  12. watermelon
  13. nectarine
  14. gooseberry
  15. pineapple
  16. grapefruit
  17. apricot
  18. chestnut
  19. strawberry
  20. hazelnut
Thank you to everyone who took part and I'm sorry that you can't all win a prize. All the winning entries were placed in the electronic hat and the winner to pop out was:
Congratulations Jane (I don't know whether you have a blog - maybe I know you from a pen name. If you do blog then let me know so I can give your site a mention!) Please email me your postal address so I can send off your prize. I will email you anyway in case you don't read this post.

The next competition will be posted tomorrow and is flower based so I hope you'll all enter again.


  1. Congratulations to Jane. I'll be back tomorrow for the next competition.

    1. Just two more to go Jo so good luck.


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