Thursday, December 15


On Monday we decided to have the afternoon out at a nearby RSPB reserve and as usual my camera was really busy. I only took about 190 photos so I thought that I'd share them all here! Don't worry - only kidding! I've just selected a few.

I really couldn't resist sharing this one - not the sharpest photo in the world but definitely a female pheasant with attitude.
It's only fair to show her a little more composed.
Like all sensible males this one knows when to keep his head down.
The proof that birds of a feather really do flock together or rather nibble fat balls. There are at least 8 long tailed tits feeding together.
Again it's not brilliantly sharp but it was a fair distance away and pretty gloomy.

Until we looked at the photos and video we didn't know what the female great spotted woodpecker was tucking into.
Dried mealworms in a basket - we'd already got the mealworms so Martyn went out and bought a basket - maybe we can tempt our own woodpecker visitor! We have had them in the garden previously so who knows!

A bit of a mystery bird here:
I don't think it's a wood pigeon and I know there are stock doves visit this sight but this doesn't look like the ones I can find pictures of - any ideas?

Then there is always an opportunist about isn't there.
After a bit of an absence the birds are flocking back to the garden - not all last year's species have returned yet but we have quite a large flock of beautiful goldfinches and if you haven't had enough birds, Martyn took a lovely bit of video of two love doves which is here on his blog


  1. Great photos! I almost thought the first was a turkey (so big). Are you taking part in the home bird watch in Jan?

  2. Oh dear, something looks to have upset Mrs.Pheasant. She looks none too pleased. I usually put mealworms on a tray on the feeding station, I'll have to try them in a feeder. I don't think I'll encourage any woodpeckers though, I've never seen one around here.

  3. That female pheasant reminds me of a school-teacher I once had - she has exactly the same cross-eyed disapproving expression!

  4. Great pics. That pheasant sure does look like a few people I know when they are not too happy!

  5. Yes we will be Kelli - we do it every year and all the birds disappear for the day. Although the last time we had to even go to the more unusual birds list as we had bullfinches visiting. In the pheasants defence I think it was more feather than fat!

    Still pop some on the tray, Jo or the robins, dunnocks and blackbirds will sulk. Have you seen the robin that pops into the shop at Swillington nurseries - they call him (or her) Rocky Robin

    I hope none of my ex-pupils compare me to that particular bird Mark!

    It's funny how the camera catches something that you don't notice when taking the shot Robin. It must have just been a fleeting moment

  6. Sue, what type of birds are in the 'flock picture'? Ms. Pheasant has been caught on candid camera and is none too pleased. Very nice of you to show her composed :)

  7. They are long tailed tits Jenni.

  8. the birds are definitely retuning to the gardens to help keep them warm for the winter...which remind me I need to re-fill my feeders!!

  9. Looks like a really fun fun day.

  10. Long-tail tits are my absolute favourites - they come in like a gang, bustle about all over the fat balls and all you can see is their long tails pointing in every direction - they have a quick feed then they are off again. Like a gang of school kids.

    You must be very skilled to get such good photos of birds on the feeders whenever I try they are either blurred or they buzz off before I get a chance to take a shot.

  11. It's a full time job keeping feeders topped up Tanya

    It got us out for a brisk walk Diana.

    They are cute aren't they Elaine? As for taking the photos I use the burst setting on my camera which takes 11 photos in a second. That way if they are on the move you can still manage a decent photo or two. Many of the photos are deleted. That's the joy of digital! It also helps to be able to zoom a fair distance.

  12. I love the photos. Especially of the fat pheasant hen. what fun. What were the birds at the feeder? I wish we had those here. Thank you for sharing.

  13. They are long tailed tits, BBB&B. They are lovely little things. I've added the name to the post now in case other people wonder about them too.

  14. No, I haven't seen Rocky Robin, Sue. I'll have to watch out next time we're there.

  15. They have a small dish of food just inside the shop, Jo and each year the robin pops in when someone opens the door. Then it waits for the door to open again so it can leave. Last time I was there he hadn't visited yet this year.

  16. Gorgeous photos of the LTTs - one of our favourites. That is definitely a pheasant with Attitude!

  17. LTTs are one of my favourites too BW. Pompoms with long tails!


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