Monday, December 12

Green shoots.

The sun was shining this morning which tempted me out into the garden with my camera. 

I could see from our house windows that some of the bulbs have begun to push through the soil which is always a welcome sight at this time of year so I decided to have a closer look. I don't actually know whether the bulbs are shooting earlier than last year as snow covers the ground in many of my December 2010 photos or it was too cold to venture out to take photos.

I do have photos showing bulb growth last year as early as 2 January though so maybe last year's shoots were hiding under a white blanket in December.

This morning I spotted miniature and large daffodils, crocus and snowdrops shoots. There may be some muscari as there were shoots that seemed different to the ones named above.


  1. It seems far too early to be looking for green shoots yet, perhaps it's because we haven't had a particularly cold spell yet. Maybe I'll pop out later and look for some shoots myself.

  2. Sue, my bulbs are starting to pop up too. We've finally had a few below freezing nights so I'm hoping that will slow them down. Like you, the earliest I can remember seeing them in the past is beginning of January. This year has been quite fascinating.

  3. I haven't found any bulbs shoots yet thank goodness - I'd hate them to come too early and take away the anticipation of them in spring.

  4. I could only dream. We have two feet of snow here. Though it probably isn't good for the bulbs, it is good for the heart.

  5. That's amazing to have bulbs popping out now! They look great!

  6. I sometimes think we forget we had a flower on one of our pond plants that we thought was late/early but when I looked back at my photos it seems we had one last year.

    I'm sure they'll not rush ahead to grow Jenni - I think daylight hours also affects them

    I love to see them whenever they choose to appear Elaine.

    I'm hoping the snow holds off for us BBB&B. I'm sure the bulbs will be just fine.

    It certainly is Malar

  7. It feels like early spring than winter there.

  8. Weather wise it doesn't feel much like spring, Diana.

  9. It is lovely to see the shoots poking through...and it reminds of how remarkable nature is.....just another weeks and the days will start getting longer again...before we know it summer will be here...I hope!!

  10. I too always feel that once we are past 21 December things are on the up Tanya.


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