Thursday, October 20

New project and a digression

The bad weather and short days will soon descend on us. This means that those of us who spend lots of our spare time outside in the garden or on an allotment plot will need something else to distract us.

Like many of you, as well as gardening I love to take photographs, and I have accumulated quite a library of photos, so when I received an email from a lady called Julia asking whether I would be interested in submitting some images and designs to an online printing company called CreateToday I thought that I’d have a look.

The company produces greetings cards and wall art products. There are lots of such companies out there and in the past I’ve acquired canvas wall art prints produced from a couple of my photos. The difference is that this company collects images from what they call artists but which basically means anyone who would like to submit images to an online portfolio.

In return for using the images each ‘artist’ is given commission on any products bought that use their work. 

Anyway to cut a long story short I decided to give it a go. I enjoy messing about with photos and images and this project seemed to be an ideal way to give my 'messing about' a purpose (and I get to be called an artist!) If I actually manage to sell any of my images it will be the icing on the cake but is certainly not my main reason for this new project.

I’ve set up another blog and website basically because this is another thing that I enjoy doing to link up with this new ‘hobby’’; have a look if you have a few minutes and are interested.

Another reason for this post is that I know lots of you take wonderful photos and I thought you may be interested in having a new winter project too! Just click on the link on the sidebar if you want to have a look


  1. You have some fab photos in your portfolio already Sue. I see that you have chosen many of the Wintry ones as your first offerings - good tactics at this time of year, I reckon. I hope you sell lots!

  2. That sounds like a great idea. I was just thinking about Christmas cards the other day and how it would be nice to use some of my photos. Although they're not as good as yours.

  3. I'd love to think someone would buy something Mark but it's not the real reason for doing it although you're right the wintry scenes and the Christmas card products were tactical! I thought you might be interested is sending some of your lovely photos.

    I always send my own card designs wellywoman - although I print my own cards too. The cards that I have uploaded are all ones that I have sent in the past!

  4. Get you, an artist. I'm going to pop over and have a look, I hope you sell lots of your work, you take brilliant photos. I especially like the ones you get of birds, they're not the easiest of subjects to take a photo of.

  5. I know, Jo. I now have another label.I'll be popping more bird photos up later.

  6. What a great idea Sue, I hope you really enjoy it! Am off to take a look...

  7. At least it will keep me out of mischief Janet


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