Wednesday, October 5

Just a small step in the right direction

If you pop by my blog on a regular basis you will know that our back garden in going through a major upheaval and that at the moment there is very little happening on the creative side. The balance is unevenly tipped towards the digging up, chopping down  and generally destructive side of things.

The border that initially was just going to have the addition of a focal feature was just about completely cleared - just a couple of bamboos survived and only after me pleading their case. I last updated on how this area was progressing here.

The crab apple which casts shade over this border has had branches removed - and is set to have even more taken out but other than the border is now ready to be replanted.

We had already planted an acer and some clematis and now a start has been made by permanently siting the bird bath and planting around its base.

I thought that the black leaved ophiopogon would provide a contrast to the white of the bird bath and so I have planted them at the front around the base. In front of them is planted laminum White Nancy which works well with the ophiopogon. I’ve taken a few cuttings so I can plant a carpet around the front of the bird bath as at the moment it is more to just one side. This was where it was originally planted and I didn’t want to disturb it.

Nearer the back of the bird bath I have planted a couple of aspleniums which should love the damp conditions caused by splashing birds. 

In amongst the ophiopogon I intend to plant some miniature irises - Kathleen Hodgkins.

The heucherella that can be seen on the left will be moved.

The border still is rather bare with just one or two plants in temporary positions. Hopefully some of the plants will grow enough so that I can split them next year as I want more than one of each in the border to avoid it ending up looking dotty.
Anyway at least I think I’ve made a start and one casualty of the big chop - a choisya is now sprouting really healthy new leaves - I wonder whether the camellia - just visible at the far end - will do the same?


  1. Plants normally respond in much the same way as you treat them, I find. If you prune hard, they grow back virorously; if you prune lightly their grow can be a bit tentative. My Callicarpa, which nearly got the chop altogether last year is fine and healthy now.

  2. I think it's always exciting to have a re-vamp of least the planning and the end product are...the bit in the middle isn't so, I think it is all looking great...shame the winter will soon be with us...but next spring won't be far away and then your garden will really come to life. I really need to get my front sorted out...maybe a project to be started soon with things slowing down on the allotment!!

  3. You have been working hard. I can't wait to see how this looks next year, I bet it will be lovely. I always learn a lot from you. I am relatively new to flower growing so when you mention something I head off to the books to look it up and see whether it would look good in a container (to grow on deck). Keep up the good work x

  4. Hope so Mark as Martyn has given our large camellia a vicious chop - must admit he did it whist I was out!

    Maybe not next year Tanya as loads more revamping to do and this area is just started really.

    It's always good to learn something new Fran.

  5. I agree with you about having more than one plant of each, it will keep a theme running through the display rather than it being, as you say, dotty. There's lots of plants which have got too big for their boots in my small border so I really need to so some revamping too.

  6. Must admit to being dotty in the past, Jo. Not enough space to grow everything that I wanted.

  7. All your hard work and patience are finally being rewarded Sue, the border is taking shape nicely. Hope the camellia responds well to the vigorous pruning - I've had good results from hard pruning Choisyas, so that should be fine. I love the idea of the irises popping up amongst the ophiopogum.

  8. I just need the irises to arrive now Janet. If the camellia doesn't spring back someone is going to be in trouble!


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