Wednesday, September 7

Well done the reds!

For a few years now we have grown two lots of autumn fruiting raspberries. Allgold - a yellow fruiting variety and Joan J which produces the more usual red fruit. Last year we had considered digging up Joan J and consigning her to the compost heap. The canes never grew very strongly and only produced few fruits.

This year all that has changed - why? Well we decided to give Joan one more chance to prove her worth and she certainly has!

The two varieties of raspberries were growing in the same bed but Allgold seemed to be dominating so we decided to move a few canes of Joan J to see if when she was in a bed of her own she did better.

The result has been much stronger growing plants with a good amount of large lovely flavoured berries and this in just their first year after the move.

Berries are larger and firmer than Allgold. Allgold does produce lots of raspberries but these don’t stand up too well to wind and rain. The berries turn mushy. 

This week has been really windy and although we haven’t had torrential rain it has been fairly wet. Allgold just hasn’t liked it. Up until this week we were harvesting lots of the yellow berries but this week few were worth picking.

On the other hand the red raspberries being produced by Joan J are still firm and perfect.

The Joan J canes that are still sharing a bed with Allgold will be moved next year. So well done the reds!


  1. My raspberries are Autumn Bliss, which I believe is quite closely related to Joan J. They have done well this year, and the berries are big and firm like the Joan J ones you describe. Golden ones have never appealed to me - they somehow don't seem right (though I know this a prejudice.)

  2. My fall raspberries have been ruined by the hurricane and now it has been raining non stop for three days!!

    Your raspberries look wonderful!

  3. beautiful! I enjoyed reading about your plot.

  4. Funny isn't it, Mark we grow yellow tomatoes and beetroot. For me I can't get my head round white strawberries.

    We've had rain for a few days too Robin but we are still a bit down in quantity of rainfall

    Welcome RheLynn glad you enjoyed reading

  5. It was worth giving Joan a talking to, she listened in the end.

  6. Mmm, Joan J looks good. We planted Autumn Bliss in the Spring and have been amazed at how much fruit we have picked, despite deciding not to spend on netting. I love raspberries, I think my favourite fruit.

  7. Your Raspberries looks so juicy!

  8. I didn't talk directly to Joan, Jo but she must have been eavesdropping or even mind reading

    We don't seem to get birds stealing the autumn raspberries Janet and don't net. We don't net the summer ones either and still get plenty for us the birds seem too interested in find a way to get to the redcurrants or cherries which we do net. Maybe a case of "the berries in the netted beds always looking redder!"

    They were Malar

  9. I have to say i would go for the reds any day. Raspberries are red...and that's the way I like to eat them...guess I'm just a traditionalist at heart!!

  10. Does that include having a preference for thorny blackberries, Tanya?

  11. Most definitely.....I like the fact that I have to work so hard for my fruit...though I have to admit to having two thorn-less plants as it was all I could find!!

  12. I thought that you did Tanya as my thornless blackberry was bought as a result of your recommendation


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