Saturday, September 3

Let there be light

We had a surprise when we visited the allotment this week. I wonder if you can guess a major difference in these two photos.

Photo taken in June this year
Photo taken this week

It's not really anything to do with our plot try looking beyond. For help scroll down.

Does this help?

We wondered what all the noise was about when we arrived at the plot.
It was the sound of chain saws. The conifers along one side of our site were alive with men in orange jackets. Apparently the conifers had become a problem and were affected the electricity supply so they had to have some of the height taken out.

The photo below taken in February 2007 shows how much shade was cast especially during the winter months.
Plots directly under the shade of the conifers had 'permafrost' until the sun rose high enough in the sky to cast some light over the tops of the trees. Even then half of these plots were more or less in permanent shade. Hopefully they will benefit from the work of the chain saw gang!

It's not quite back to the view in the 1980's though!


  1. Lovely allotment and good riddance to the cyprus hedge :)

  2. I'm sure the gardeners that were in the shade will be very happy about the trimming!

  3. We too have benefited from the chainsaw humming. Always sad when a tree falls but a big weedy greedy pine can leave our fence any day of the week. Let there be light.

  4. Hi Tanya - Mmm the only shame is that that probably hundreds of birds roost there - Ideally they should never have been allowed to grow so high then the birds wouldn't have got used to them. At least nesting is over with.

    They will indeed Robin - they've been complaining about the shade for years now

    You are right Kirsty a mixture of feelings - If they had been deciduous trees though I would have felt less enthusiastic

  5. That is wonderful. You have more light now!

  6. We had 50ft Leylandii to the north side of our back garden until they were taken out recently - what a transformation - good riddance I say!

  7. Leylandii has a lot to answer for! Our neighbours had a hedge of them until about two years ago, and I was so glad when they decided to cut them down!

  8. I think my favorite part of this post is the history you have with your plot. More sunshine in the garden is always welcome and hopefully the birds will find a new roost.

  9. We do indeed Diana - even though we are not the ones who suffered most the light was almost dazzling

    The only problem is that as they have only been lopped they will quickly grow again, Damo.

    One of our neighbours planted a leylandii hedge, Mark and promised to keep it cut to about 4'. Then they moved and guess what happened? Fortunately it is now no more.

    I'm sure the birds will Jenni, we certainly have history!

  10. Blimey, I bet you'll see a big difference with that amount of height reduced, and I bet those with plots right along side will be jumping for joy.

  11. It is certainly brighter even at this time of year and I'm sure those alongside will be delighted although they are still high enough to cast some shade in winter it's a huge improvement for them

  12. Hope everyone gets benefit from this will have to take a pic late in the year so we can see how much benefit the other tenants are getting!!


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