Saturday, March 12

Indoor Growing Garden - update

It's a while since I reported on how things have progressed using our Indoor Growing Garden.

We are still impressed by the set up and it seems to be living up to expectations. We went with the majority and didn't thin out the lettuce seedlings which seems to have been an OK decision as the lettuce don't appear to be suffering and are growing really well.
They are now at the stage where we could nip off a few leaves to add to salads if we wanted to - they have had no extra treatment other than to add water to the reservoir. No sign of any legginess.

The basil is also growing well albeit much slower to develop. Both basil and lettuce have been left under the lights.

The coriander has been potted on into pots and popped in the cold greenhouse - a risk we know but this is after all more of an experiment - more coriander will be sown at an appropriate time. The seedlings had developed a really good root system maybe helped by the fairly constant supply of water - no wet then dry periods to deal with. Topping up the reservoir about once a week seems to do the trick and is the only real effort involved on our part .
The spring cabbages had seemed to stop growing but not really the fault of the set up - we think the compost had just run out of nutrients and that the small plants needed repotting so this has been done. Like the coriander the cabbages had a really good root system.

These have also been left in the cold greenhouse - the colder temperatures shouldn't harm them and if very low temperatures are predicted we will throw a piece of fleece over them. The spell in the cold greenhouse will be the first stage in the hardening off process,

More cabbage seeds have been sown and popped under the lights where they will shortly be joined by seeds such as tomatoes and peppers.

I'm writing a full report on our experiences with this system on my website here so if you have missed out on any early reports and wonder what on earth I am talking about follow the link and all will be made clearer.

To digress:
The perennials that are potted up in the greenhouse are growing really well - I am really pleased with them - the pulmonaria has even produced some flowers which are a really lovely blue. Once the rest of my plants arrive I'll be planting out the front bed.
I've added to my perennial order and have ordered a collection of five dark leaved single dahlias from Unwins which were featured in a catalogue they sent me - they looked so good I couldn't resist. As I am waiting for a Penstemon collection from them and rang and added them to my order so I can save a little on postage.


  1. Your lettuces already look good for sandwiches. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Thanks Diana - you should have a better weekend than the last one - hope you enjoy being back at home!

  3. Looks like you have had some very good results with the indoor garden system. I may have to put something like that on my wishlist for next Christmas.
    Trouble is, I'd have to stake a claim to some more space on the Dining Room table!
    Got some nice weather here today, so I have been out sowing peas. After coffee (and reading your blog) it will be on to Broad Beans...

  4. It's been a good buy Mark (but definitely not for the dining table :D)

    All our beans start life in pots in the greenhouse so will be starting on broad beans shortly.

  5. Your lettuce looks great! I usually use the self watering mats when starting my seeds. I have not used them so far this year.

    I can't wait to see your perennials planted in the garden!

    Have a good day :)

  6. Your lettuce looks really good as well as your other seedling I can't wait to look back through your blog

  7. It certainly looks like your grow system was worth the outlay, everything's looking great, not leggy at all.

  8. Hope the rest of the perennials come soon so I can get them planted Robin.

    Welcome Cathy - hope you enjoy reading other posts.

    We're really pleased with how things have grown Jo.

  9. the lettuce is looking great as are the's nice when you find a system which works that means you can start growng earlier in the year. Can't wait to see your new beds all planted up!!

  10. I guess it will take a while for them to build up to a decent display Tanya

  11. I love the blue of that pulmonaria. The grow light system seems to work really well - the cabbage seedlings I have in the cold greenhouse have germinated but still don't have their first true leaves - I think they will need more warmth for that. The basil will be next on the propagator, but I need to make some space first... Hope I have better luck with it than last year - it was a disaster! No pesto for us...

  12. That's it - I've seen the light.

    How clever of you to keep your coriander from growing leggy (which has happened here for the second year in a row)

    On another topic - is it safe to add cardboard to your compost anymore? If it is contaminating food on supermarket shelves I wonder if the toxins break down in the compost heap...

  13. Basil can be a bit temeramental Janet - ours was Ok in the greenhouse last year.

    In our case it was herbicide contamination from weedkiller. If the cardboard is food qulaity shouldn't it be OK?

  14. Mmm, that pumonaria is lovely. Definitely on my "wish list" for the Coppice area once we get it sorted out.

  15. It is gorgeous BW but I just need the area reday for planting!!!


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