Sunday, March 6

Can anyone help identify this bird?

Sorry to post so quickly after the last post but we need a bit of help with the identity of a new bird we spotted in the garden this morning. The nearest that we can get to identify it is a female linnet. When it flew off it had very noticeable white feathers down the sides of its tail. The tail was longer than a sparrow too. If it was a female linnet I hope a male is nearby although we haven't heard one singing!

I've included the video taken by Martyn and my photos to help identification.
The bird was eating seed from our bird table which is a bit of a distance from the house. Are there any bird experts out there who can either confirm our identification or offer a better one?



  1. I'm no help when it comes to birds. It's a very pretty bird though :)

  2. I think you are right in identifying this bird as a female Linnet. It looks just like the picture in my RSPB book, which also says "Female streaky, lacks red. White streaks on wings and tail".

  3. I think it is a female Linnet as well. We have pairs in our garden sometimes.

  4. I remember a favourite book from childhood called 'Linnets and Valerians'. But that's no help to identifying your bird!

  5. Thanks for the confirmations Mark and Compostwoman

    It is a pretty bird, Robin although would have been easily overlooked as it was just quietly munching seed on the bird table some distance from the house - a chance spot really.

    Linnets and Valerians sets an idyllic scene Linda - never heard of the book though!

  6. I don't know what the bird is though my Mum does have a britsh birds book so I can check tomorrow but I'm sure you are right in your identification.

  7. No idea, but it is lovely, linnet or something else.

  8. Lucky month for you so many new visitors in your garden;).

  9. After googling, I would say that your identification is right, a female Linnet. I'm sure I would have missed it, well done for spotting it.

  10. Thanks Tanya.

    It is a pretty bird Janet proves bird don't have to be ultra colourful to loook pretty. I think sparrows are really pretty birds if you take the time to look at them properly instead of just dismissing them.

    That's right Diana just need some good weather now.

    Have to admit it was Martyn who spotted it when he was gazing hopefully out of a window!

  11. Is it one of Don Smith's pigeons eyeing up your greens ?

    ex Plot 49

  12. It's a Twite, and not one of Smithy's birds, seriously

    Plot 49 still

  13. Wouldn't surprise me Phil except it was in the garden!

    In our book the twite and linnet are on the same page and often mistaken for one another but our book says virtually no white feathers on the twites tail and this definitely had distinctive white feathers on its tail as it flew off. What makes you think I wouldn't take you seriously?

  14. touche

    ps. how does one write an accent over the 'e'

    Plot 49

  15. The easiest way is to copy from Word ex Plot 49


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