Tuesday, July 21

DOW - Aminopyralid stewardship proposals

Main points of the stewardship for aminopyralid proposal

  • The herbicide will be sold in only large containers to make the product over expensive for casual users. It would be illegal to pass on any of the chemical for use by someone else who isn’t a registered user and has received appropriate training.
  • There will be specific compulsory training in supply and use of products containing aminopyralid at supplier and user level. Users/suppliers must sign to say they will distribute/use the product in accordance with the training/instructions
  • Names of suppliers/users are to be kept on a database which should mean tracking misuse is easier. This list would be made available to authorities investigating cases of misuse.
  • Information on the instruction leaflet to be more rigorous for instance any manure produced must be disposed of on the site and not passed on to anyone else.
  • Summary of information in picture format will be attached to the container.
  • Contract sprayers will have to sign up to the stewardship as with any supplier, and inform the farmer of the restrictions and ensure the farmer signs the stewardship document. Contractors will have to sign up to all the restrictions that a distributor would. They would also need to get the sign-in of the farmer client.
  • The product will only be approved for the grazing market. It will be illegal to make hay or silage from the grass. This will be highlighted in the stewardship document that the farmers signs.

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