Sunday, November 23

Green Lane Calendar

Seeing as the weather is just too awful for gardening - even if the soil wasn't sodden, it has been really cold and windy this week - I have been amusing myself by making a couple of calendars.

Just as a small thank you to those of you who have supported our fund raising by using our shopping links, or have supported our website by visiting often or emailing information to include on the pages devoted to the manure problem, I have uploaded the finished calendars onto our web site. Feel free to download them and print them if you wish. As they are very much linked to our allotment site they won't have wide appeal but they are here if you want to access them. The PDF preview doesn't show all the lines in the dates' table but they are all there and will print out OK. All you will need is a method for fastening all the pages together.
Even if you haven't supported us you are welcome to use the calendars and maybe you will visit our shopping pages to buy a couple of gifts. Harrod Hortcultural in particular offer special deals for people ordering through our site. You can also shop with Amazon and earn us a little commission too.

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