Sunday, November 9

Flowers in the sky?

Alastair on plot 56 took the above photos on site on Saturday night.
Just goes to show that the site can be colourful even in November.
For more photos - at the moment all taken by Alastair - click here
If there are any other expert camera persons, (being politically correct), on our site who have a shot taken on site that they think is worthy of adding to Alastair's collection - just send them along.


  1. Thanks to Paul and Jo for putting on the firework display; your generosity and community spirit needs recognition, as it is much needed on the allotment.
    Thanks again, it is very much appreciated by me and mine.

    And thanks to Big Al for taking the pictures and sharing them, so that others can see what "communal spirit" looks like.


  2. Is it my PC, or is the picture a little bit lacking!

  3. It must be your PC. Seriously uploading does reduce the quality sometimes but if you click on the link to the website you should get a higher quality version

  4. Is that any better for you Anonymous?

  5. Phil thank your wife for the food for the kids.

    Glad you all liked it.

    Money well spent I think. Its no good sat in a bank doing nothing.


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